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Designing and developing innovative hands on exhibits to add new dimensions to learning, with the help of a dedicated team that can convert ideas and concepts into brilliant interactive exhibits!

Started by passionate engineering professionals, Museum Interactives is committed to improving the way science and engineering is taught in schools. There is a pressing need to discover the missing link between what is taught in the class room and what is seen in real life. We develop innovative experiential exhibits to address this issue and enhance the joy of learning!

Be it mechanical simulation or analogies, immersive computer simulations or virtual/augmented reality... we have a team of specialists to do all that. Starting from conceptualizing, design and development of hardware and software components to the final integration of all the components to the complete interactive exhibits... we cover it all!


Our featured exhibit

The Augmented Reality Sandbox!

The Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox is an attempt to use 3D visualization to teach Earth Science concepts using regular sand! The exhibit allows users to create various topographies by molding sand. The software used for the augmented reality sandbox is based on the open source software developed by Prof. Oliver Kreylos of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis).

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Our Other Exhibits

Museum Interactives operates from the basic school science models to the most complex space science exhibits and immersive experiential enclaves!

Right from its inception, Museum Interactives has been instrumental in developing several exhibits for various organisations, events and museums. Have a look at all our products!


Our Services

We believe, early exposure to "doing science" instead of "reading science" fuels the spark of innovation in the young minds. Our dream is to set up Experience centres in every institute of learning where students can explore beyond the class rooms. Our motto: to develop innovative tools on interactive science learning at affordable price, with the highest level of quality and reliability.

Below are few of the services we provide

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